Take your English to the C1 Level

Go from KNOWLEDGE to ACTION in your English. Reach the C1 Level by working on the skills indicated by the Common European Framework for Languages. 12 Modules,48 Weeks of Material, More than 200 videos and 380 lessons. Complete the course in 12 months. General and Business English. Work the 4 skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing

Take your English to the C1 Level

What will you learn in this course?

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Functional English

Learn how to use the most common expressions in different social and business contexts: how to agree or disagree, persuade and convince, acknowledge different points of view, reinforce your message, use communication strategies on the phone, and deal with misunderstandings.
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Review and explore in depth all the grammar needed to improve the quality of your spoken and written English. Transitive vs Intransitive verbs, Present Perfect with other tenses, Use of collocations, Modal Verbs to expresss prediction, certainty, and possibility.
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Acquire the vocabulary needed to express yourself proficiently. Emphasis on business English and the creative of use of synonyms. Learn how to expand your vocabulary and use it with flexibility and effectiveness in all social and professional contexts
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Understand the idiomatic expressions known as Idioms. Many of these expressions do not have an equivalent in Spanish. Learn the meaning and proper context of idioms such as: "Selling sand at the beach," "Dog eat dog world," and "Back to the drawing board."
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Phrasal Verbs

Use the compound units formed by a verb and a preposition or and adverb to give more possibilities to your language. Understand phrasal verbs such as: "Put down,""Point out," "Fill in, "Stand down," "Hand over." "Fix up,""Knock off," "Follow up."
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Identify the main challenges that Spanish speakers manifest in their pronunciation in English and know the ways to overcome them. You will study topics such as rhythm, word grouping,  melody in language, and practice strategies for improving your intelligibility.
Know your instructor

The Language Coach

Soy Robert Salomon Brandwayn, Language Coach con más de 25 años de experiencia en la enseñanza del inglés a ejecutivos. Tengo un título en Relaciones Internacionales y Música de la Universidad de Pensilvania, Filadelfia, EEUU, y una maestría en Tecnología e Innovación en la Educación de la Universidad Camilo Jose Cela en Madrid, España.

Fundé BSR Idiomas, empresa dedicada al language coaching corporativo. Nuestros clientes en los últimos 20 años incluyen empresas nacionales y multinacionales como el Citibank, Banco Davivienda, Banco Colpatria, OLX, MSD, Parmalat, Frontera Energy y el Grupo Bolívar entre otros. Soy autor de 2 libros: “10 successful Colombian executives working abroad‘, libro de inglés de negocios publicado en el 2014 por la Editorial CESA y “Cómo aprender un idioma en el siglo XXI,” best seller de Amazon.com.

Hablo inglés, francés, portugués y español, italiano, polaco y hebreo.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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Our students love us

I really learned the necessary English skills to increase my job opportunities thanks to this course.
Angela Londoño
It is not common to find a C1 course available in the market.I gave this course a chance and will recommend it to everyone I know. 
David Restrepo
What I really liked about this course was that it included every area of the language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. I loved it. 
Natalia Blanco